Poetry Fest

On April 27th, the Media Center hosted a poetry fest–displaying a wide variety of activities for visitors to enjoy. Some of the activities include blackout poems, acrostic poems and selfie poems.

 Sophomore Sanjana Jaynath was asked her thoughts on the poetry fest. “I love it! It includes creativity and a dash of art.”

Many students had an enjoyable experience at the festival. Teachers also enjoyed it. Mrs. Nazarko explained, “My favorite activity was the black out poetry. Many of my tenth graders did this one and it was fun to do it and fun to read them!” 

Overall it was a great opportunity for students to express their creativity and have fun while doing so. 

 Dante Vivino created an acrostic poem. An acrostic poem is a type of poetry where the first, last or other letters in a line spell out a particular word or phrase. Vivino explained, “At first I picked the word cumbersome, but I decided to go with the word DEBACLE. My poem reads:
Disasters to me they are unavoidable
Echoing throughout my mind
Black dust rising from the ground
A mess at first, but a chance to start anew
Clean slate, a fresh start
Long desires finally fulfilled
Excited at a mess, who would have thought?”