Wayne Valley Hosts Makers Week

According to The Nation of Makers, Makers Week was “created by Nation of Makers to support, encourage, promote, and highlight organizations from around the country who are working to create more opportunities for more people of all ages to make.”

The Wayne Valley Media Center held Makers Week in both levels of the library. Organized by Mrs. Foster, it featured activities such as stick together mosaic, Mouse Trap, rock painting, beads, marbles, Jenga, LEGOs, clay making, puzzles and more! Students engaged in different activities. One was even building a LEGO bakery from scratch.

Mrs. Foster says, “I think that creativity is a great way to promote mindfulness for high school students… creativity is very good for mental health and helps with relaxation.”

Senior Ardi Memeti claimed, “The taping (Stick Together Mosaic) activity was the most calming and relaxing activity for me.”

Jack Handschin played Mouse Trap. He explained, “The goal is to get around the board and trap your opponents. It was an exquisite experience.”

Makers Week was a great way to spend the last week before spring break.