Oscar Trivia

The Academy Awards–A.K.A. “The Oscars”–took place on Sunday March 12th.  How well do you know your Oscar and film history?  


1) This year, 2023, marked the ____ award ceremony.







2)  What accounting and audit firm has been employed by the Academy of Arts and Sciences since 1934 to tabulate Oscar votes and ensure the secrecy of results?



Price Waterhouse

J.P. Morgan



3)  What new award category was added to the Academy Awards in 2001?


Best Foreign Language Film

Best Animated Feature

Best Song

Best Assistant Director


5)  In 2018, which film won Best Picture after the wrong winner, La La Land, was announced? 







4)  Meryl Streep has been nominated for performances in a drama with music (Music of the Heart, 2000) and a comedy-drama with music (Florence Foster Jenkins, 2017), but only once for an actual musical. What was it?


Into the Woods

Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia! Here I Go Again

The Prom


6) Three best-picture winners since 2005 have taken place in Los Angeles.  Which of the films below is not set in LA?   


The Artist


Million Dollar Baby

The Departed  


7)  Which is the only film franchise to win Best Picture twice?


The Lord of the Rings

The Godfather 

Toy Story  



8)  At 91 years old, composer John Williams is the most-nominated living person with _____ original score nominations.







9)  Which of the following entertainers have never hosted the Oscars?


Whoopi Goldberg

Chris Rock

Seth MacFarlane

James Corden