Why You Should Read the Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Imagine growing up in Hell’s Kitchen, your mom died when you were young leaving only your abusive father to raise you. You follow your dreams to become a movie star and get married seven times but nobody knows your true love. If this plot line interests you, you should consider reading the Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

The novel, written by American author Taylor Jenkins Reid, shares the story of Monique Grant, an aspiring journalist who longs to become more well-known in the industry. Monique Grant is given an opportunity to interview retired A-list movie star, Evelyn Hugo. It is first believed that Monique is just interviewing her regarding an auction to raise money for breast cancer research, but little did Monique know that she was actually going to get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear Evelyn’s story. The themes of love and sacrifice are shown in many ways throughout the book while featuring a ton of plot twists that keep the reader’s attention. 

I think anyone who enjoys romance and a bit of mystery would really enjoy this book because you get to see the love that Evelyn has for her husband as well as the sacrifices she is willing to make to end up with the person she truly loves. Anyone who enjoys reading books by authors such as Colleen Hoover would enjoy this book as well as people who enjoy romance and books with a lot of emotion.

Over the course of the book, there are a ton of plot twists and other types of shocking events. You learn which husbands she truly loved and the reasons why she married all of them as well as why they ended up divorced. The beginning of the book felt a bit long but after Evelyn begins to tell her story, the book flies by. The plot twists and heartbreaking moments in the book kept me from wanting to put the book down. 

I would rate the book a 9.5 out of 10–I personally enjoyed the book a lot. I found it very interesting and I really enjoyed reading it. I liked the description the author used when writing the book because it really helped me picture each scene. I would not recommend this book to someone looking to read a book with a lot of action or fantastical aspects because that is not focused on in this novel.