The First Wayne Valley Showcase

On Wednesday, March 1, Wayne Valley hosted its first ever showcase. The event contained performances from the dance team, jazz band, and choir. There were also displays from the photography students and the Art Honor Society.

Another purpose for the showcase was to assist Kiki Ferguson and Jess Cappadona in raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. At the showcase, all of the sales from the displays and donations went towards this goal and they were able to raise a little over $1,100. In total, they have raised around 53k!

Mr. Wisniewski and Dr. Moreno were the ones who came up with the idea to do the showcase following the example of another school. Mr. Wisniewski explains that they “thought it would be a great opportunity to highlight our students who are tremendous at their craft and also support the girls with their fundraising.”

Although this was the first year Wayne Valley held an event like this, it will hopefully not be the last. There are plans for the showcase to continue in years to come as well as expanding it. “It would be a great opportunity to invite the middle school students to see what they can be a part of at Valley,” Mr. Wisniewski comments.