SDA Preview

SDA is coming up very soon, and many of us cannot wait, so here is a recap of this season so far and a preview of what’s to come. This year’s SDA theme is “Animation Studios,” which incorporates many different animated movies from different studios. Both teams have extraordinary captains and board members to execute each dance flawlessly. 


Here are the themes and captains for each team: 

White Overall: Terin Kuttamperoor

Blue Overall: Liz Vivino

White Aero: The Incredibles, Captains: Madison Piro and Gabby Naporlee 

Blue Aero: Brave, Captains: Julietta Lally and Giuliana Filippelli

White Tap: Inside Out, Captains: Alexa Ferrigno and Olivia Von Lindern

Blue Tap: Tangled, Captains: Gabby Gencarelli and Sammie Tomback

White Jazz: Moana, Captains: Kiki Cortes and Anela Karalic

Blue Jazz: Monsters Inc., Captains: Brooke Scott and Sienna Esposito

White Pom: Frozen, Captains: Summer Axberg and Kaitlyn Fedo

Blue Pom: Finding Nemo, Captains: Cami Dowson and Gabby Sparano


Board Members:

President: Pari Patel

Vice President: Grace Ralicki

Blue Historian: Kayla Dudek

White Historian: Mia Medina

Blue Secretary: Lauren Galli

White Secretary: Gabby Hammer

Blue Treasurer: Alexa Serafin

White Treasurer: Angelina Zatkos


The girls have been working very hard to showcase their talent and put on a great show. The show runs on April 27th, 28th, and 29th, so make sure you come get your tickets and watch as the girls of SDA perform!