Alumni Spotlight: Nurse Dispenziere

After going through the Wayne schools system, living in Wayne and working at Wayne Valley for 17 years, Nurse Anita Dispenziere is retiring to pursue some of her favorite hobbies. 

Being a nurse at the high school level could be challenging because not only do you deal with the medical aspect of it, but the emotional factors as well. In a time of need, school nurses provide the greatest care to ensure a student remains in good health and well being. “I hope I’ve made an impact—and a good impact at that,” Dispenziere remarks. “I feel satisfied knowing I’ve made a difference in some kids’ lives.” 

Principal Kenneth Palczewski has seen first hand how Dispenziere takes care of everyone at Wayne Valley. He shares, “Thank you Mrs. Dispenziere for your 17 years of dedication to our school, our students, and our community.  You have always put the welfare of students and staff at the forefront and you will be greatly missed.  We wish you many years of joy with your family during your retirement.”

Her favorite part of coming to work each day was seeing her friends, staff, and helping students through issues—specifically assisting them in finding answers. When asked what made her time at Wayne Valley so special, she replied, “just the energy of the students and the collaboration of staff.” The “good spirit” as Dispenziere says, speaks volumes about the type of community we encourage within our school.  Mrs. Mapp, Student Assistance Coordinator, shared that she will miss working with Mrs. Dispenziere who is known for sharing books, articles, recipes, funny stories and gifting her anything giraffe related.  Mapp goes on to say, “She [Dispenziere] is thoughtful and considerate and her attention to detail will surely be missed.”

Dispensiere’s long time coworker, Nurse Suzanne Deutsch, is really going miss her coworker. She explains, “Going to very hard to sum up just how wonderful my CoWorker is to the kids, the staff in the building and the community. She always puts others’ needs first. Will go the extra mile to help those in need. Has a huge rolodex of resources. To get an opportunity to work with someone great is awesome, I was fortunate enough to work with Anita for 16 years. You are going to be missed by all. Pop in to say Hi, Sub in the district (we always can use a good nurse sub!!) Miss you Already my Dear Friend. This was a GREAT RIDE!!!!! Cheers to your future. Cannot wait to hear all about your adventures with your family.”

After she retires, Mrs. Dispenziere looks forward to traveling, fitness, and spending time with her mother who is 103 years old! As Nurse Deutsch says, “TRAVEL LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXO”