Senior Advice: Choosing a College

It is that time of year when many are hearing back from their Early Decision and Early Action applications and deciding which college they want to attend. There are a plethora of colleges and universities out there, but you need to choose the right one for you. Here are some easy steps in deciding between schools. 

  1. Location;! Location can be one of the biggest factors in choosing which college is best. Do you want to be close to home or far? Do you want to dorm or commute?
  2. Ratings: There might be schools that are lower on your list but have better ratings for your major. You have to determine if rankings are important to you.
  3. Major: Does the school you’re choosing have the major that you prefer? Also, it would be good to consider choosing a school with a variety of majors if you are going as an undecided or not sure of your choice.
  4. Campus: Does the campus meet all of your needs? Does it have everything you want from food to social opportunities? Can you see your self walking around there with the other students?
  5. Don’t Worry: Even if you don’t get in your dream school, there will be a place for you! Keep searching and do not rule out anything including a trade school or a community college.

Smoke Signals would like to congratulate those who have already committed to college!

Mikaela Voinov – Duke

Nicole Antonio – Duke