Stuck Deciding on a Gift for Your Secret Santa? Here Are Some Go-To Options.


Ho-ho-ho! It’s that time of year again—the time of gift-giving! For years, we’ve adopted the tradition of gift-giving to celebrate the Christmas season—out of this, a variety of different gift exchanges developed, including the “Secret Santa.” In this part-tradition, part-game event, each person is anonymously given another person to get a gift for. The catch? No one knows who got who— it’s only revealed when the gifts are actually given. If you’re a participant in a Secret Santa this year, and you’re unsure what to get, look no further: this guide will surely be your cup of tea. Here are some of the BEST items you can get, that absolutely anyone would enjoy:

  • Candles

Classics. A perfectly-scented candle will appeal to almost anyone it is given to. With a wide variety of scents and colors, you’ll most definitely be able to find that one candle that’ll appeal to your target person. 

  • Books

Who doesn’t like a classic book? They’re not too expensive, they have a massive variety, and they’ll give your “Santa” the experience of their lifetime.

  • Any form of body-care product

People love smelling and feeling nice; it’s pretty much an undeniable fact. Lotion, scented body wash, fragrance mist— they can be some of the best gifts to both give and receive.

  • Mugs

This might seem a little bit out there, however, anyone who LOVES to drink hot beverages will thank you endlessly. Starting off with a cute mug can absolutely set a positive mood for the day.

  • Jewelry

Although Jewelry is a classic, expected gift, it doesn’t make it any worse of a gift. A pretty piece of jewelry can spice up an outfit, and make a person look so much more glamorous.


And that’s a wrap! If you’re ever lost in looking for a gift for another person, these five options are almost always guaranteed to be enjoyed. Happy shopping!