Stuck Deciding on a Gift for Your Secret Santa? Here Are Some Go-To Options.

Ho-ho-ho! It’s that time of year again—the time of gift-giving! For years, we’ve adopted the tradition of gift-giving to celebrate the Christmas season—out of this, a variety of different gift exchanges developed, including the “Secret Santa.” In this part-tradition, part-game event, each person is anonymously given another person to get a gift for. The catch? No one knows who got who— it’s only revealed when the gifts are actually given. If you’re a participant in a Secret Santa this year, and you’re unsure what to get, look no further: this guide will surely be your cup of tea. Here are some of the BEST items you can get, that absolutely anyone would enjoy:

  • Candles

Classics. A perfectly-scented candle will appeal to almost anyone it is given to. With a wide variety of scents and colors, you’ll most definitely be able to find that one candle that’ll appeal to your target person. 

  • Books

Who doesn’t like a classic book? They’re not too expensive, they have a massive variety, and they’ll give your “Santa” the experience of their lifetime.

  • Any form of body-care product

People love smelling and feeling nice; it’s pretty much an undeniable fact. Lotion, scented body wash, fragrance mist— they can be some of the best gifts to both give and receive.

  • Mugs

This might seem a little bit out there, however, anyone who LOVES to drink hot beverages will thank you endlessly. Starting off with a cute mug can absolutely set a positive mood for the day.

  • Jewelry

Although Jewelry is a classic, expected gift, it doesn’t make it any worse of a gift. A pretty piece of jewelry can spice up an outfit, and make a person look so much more glamorous.

  • Technology

A gift that everyone could use no matter what age and gender is a portable charger for phones. On Amazon, there are many different types of charges that vary in price, have many different types of accessories, and come in various shapes and sizes. Staying on the topic of technology, an Amazon Echo Dot can be used as a speaker, alarm clock, calendar, and way to receive information on current topics. The Echo Dot is around $30 so it’s a great gift for a low price. Lastly, wireless earbuds or headphones are very beneficial to everyone and don’t have to be expensive. When exercising or just relaxing in your home headphones allow you to be in your own space without hearing any outside distractions.

  • Gifts for Boys

Moving onto gifts for boys: shoes, hats, sweatshirts are good options. Sweatshirts from Nike, Adidas, and Champion come in many different sizes, styles, and colors that will work for anyone. Some popular shoe styles this year include Jordans and Air Forces that are both sold by Nike. If you are looking for a lounge style shoe, Uggs sell many types of slipper styles that almost everyone can wear. To go with the shoes are socks, Nike’s white crew socks are always needed and a very practical gift. Lastly, hats like baseball caps and beanies are very popular this year and can accessorize any outfit. They are sold in a variety of colors and can represent a team logo to make the gift seem more personal.

  • Gifts for Girls

When shopping for girls there are many options to choose from including clothes, makeup, or room decor. The top makeup brand this holiday season is Charlotte Tilbury. Anything from this brand would make a great gift regardless of the price or item. Stores like Urban Outfitters, Aerie, and Aritzia sell some of the best lounge clothes that everyone will love. They also provide a great variety of items including accessories that pair well with anything. When shopping for room decor, it is easy to get lost in all of the items offered. It is best to look on Amazon with keywords like colors and aesthetics so that it limits the search.

  • Gifts for Parents or The Adults in your Family! 

For parents, slippers and lounge clothes are always a good idea for a gift. You can buy the slippers in their favorite color to wear around the house so they are always reminded that you bought the gift for them. Also, sticking with the lounge trend, pajamas are always a good idea because they are always needed. A jacket is crucial in this cold weather, you definitely need to cover up. Lastly, a picture frame with you or your whole family is a great way to add a personal touch to the holidays. Choosing a good frame is important to this gift because it can be used around the house and cherished.

Still unsure, turn to TikTok. On TikTok, you can find the most popular gifts for this season split into many categories. And that’s a wrap! If you’re ever lost in looking for a gift for another person, these options are almost always guaranteed to be enjoyed. Happy shopping!