What’s new at Valley?

As we begin our journey into the 2022-2023 school year, there are many notable changes and additions to be recognized. Our Wayne Valley staff has made efforts to improve our learning environment and offer us new opportunities. With this, we also welcome new staff members who will help further our education. 


Class/club Updates

The Visual Basic course has now been changed into a program involving two separate courses.  One of the courses is now Intro to Computer Programming, and this is only a half year course.  The other course is Foundations to Computer Programming, which is a full year course.  It is not required to take Intro to Computer Programming before taking Foundations to Computer Programming.

Our after school E-Sports Club is in for a treat this year! The Esports room is being relocated and renovated to include new equipment and furniture. 

Likewise, our school wellness center has been improving. Aside from the previous wellness corner in the Media Center, a new wellness and meditation room is being created and a zen garden has also been planted to help students achieve relaxation and well being.


New Staff Members

Ms. A. Bobinski- This year, Ms. Bobinski has come to join her twin sister, Ms. V. Bobinski, in teaching mathematics at Wayne Valley. She is currently teaching Geometry and Precalculus. Ms. Bobinski graduated from Quinnipiac University, where she played division 1 lacrosse. This is only her second year teaching, and she loves the spirit of Wayne Valley so far!


Ms. Pritchard- A new teacher of photography with 15-years of teaching experience has come to Valley to teach Photo I, II and III. Ms. Pritchard is excited to be here to share her knowledge with those who wish to learn it. She has a personal philosophy  “to offer visual arts electives that are accessible, inclusive, and beneficial to all learners.” She also claims to be enjoying Valley and finding plenty of talent within its walls. 

Ms. Pritchard would also like to announce that student photography can be viewed @waynevalleyphoto on Instagram!


Mr. Byers- While currently teaching Music Perspectives and Symphonic Band, Mr. Byers also teaches Marching Band and advises the Tri-M Music Honors Society. This cat lover recently moved to New Jersey from Long Island, where he taught middle school band for three years.  Mr. Byers is enjoying Wayne Valley’s environment while helping students “grow in unique and impactful ways.”


Mr. Kelly- Entering the school this October, Mr. Kelly will begin teaching Algebra and Geometry. With 15 years of experience under his belt, he aims to create a comfortable and inviting space for his students to exceed academically and personally. Mr. Kelly has a wife and a five year old daughter to whom he will go home to after engaging with students in his new workspace. 


Mr. Rosser- Coming to us from South Jersey, Mr. Rosser is teaching US history II and Biology this year. He hopes to build relationships with his students based on their shared characteristics.  Some of Mr. Rosser loves hiking, walking his dog, traveling, and is a pizza fanatic. He finds Valley to be very supportive so far. Mr. Rosser is also an assistant coach for the Men’s Basketball team at Saint Elizabeth University; he encourages all students to come out to their games!


Mrs. Sanzari- After recently giving birth to her daughter Sophia, Mrs. Sanzari is now working at Wayne Valley to be closer home. She works in the special education department, teaching mathematics. Entering her eleventh year of teaching, she is excited to be teaching Geometry, Algebra II, and College Algebra at Valley. She wants all students to experience a “lightbulb moment” and develop a love for mathematics. 


Mr. Turner- Now teaching Spanish I and Spanish III enriched, we are lucky enough to have last year’s Governor’s Educator of the year at our school. Mr. Turner graduated from Temple University in Pennsylvania, only to continue his studies in Salamanca, Spain. This tennis and fitness fan is eager to see what Wayne Valley has in store for him. 


Ms. Rhinesmith- Serving as a long term replacement for Ms. Michelson, Ms. Rhinesmith is a current counselor at Valley. This is her first year working, and she would like to make it known that she has an open door policy for any student that may need it. So far, she is enjoying her time here: “I could not have asked for a better first experience as a school counselor, I am so glad I joined Wayne Valley.”


Ms. Horowitz- Working as a leave replacement last year, Ms. Horowitz is already familiar with Wayne Valley and can now be called an official ninth grade English teacher. Only in her second year of teaching after graduating from Penn State, she is very enthusiastic to see where her career at Valley will head!


Ms. Tighe- Officially starting in the middle of last year, Ms. Tighe is a new Physical Education teacher. She is a Wayne native and attended Wayne Hills, where she played softball and basketball; she then continued her softball career at William Paterson University. Ms. Tighe has brought her love of sports to Wayne Valley in hopes of inspiring students to enjoy them as well!


We are also welcoming several other members to our Wayne Valley Community. Ms. Moreno has joined our administrative team, specializing in science and technology. Likewise, a new French teacher, Ms. Rice, is to be acknowledged. In the guidance department Ms. Crank has joined as a secretary to help us with whatever we may need.  Lastly, we have two new members in our NextSteps special education program; they are Ms. Castaldo and Mr. Hanke!