Senior Goodbye: Faith Amero

Faith Amero, Staff Writer

There is never a dull moment when writing creatively or for an article. I’ve always been a writer at heart–a creative soul if you will. Writing is my outlet, my passion. Even if it’s mediocre, I’ve worked hard to turn it into something worth reading. I’ve only been a part of Smoke Signals for one year. It was worth writing for. I was not only a part of Smoke Signals, but I am also thankful that I decided to take Journalism with Mrs. Nazarko. Taking her class and writing for this club opened my eyes to my college major. 


I am a writer and will always be. Being in this club as a writer has built up and made my skills as a student journalist better. Yes, I’ve written for a local newspaper, but the community built within this club makes me feel safe. Everyone knows everyone, no idea is ever a bad one. We build each other up. We might have our differences between editors and writers, but we share the love of writing and working together to create a newspaper we love to work for. 


In the fall, I’ll be attending Montclair State University as a Film and Television major with a minor in Journalism. When I get there, I hope to write for Montclair’s very own student-run newspaper, the Montclarion. I won’t be far from Wayne Valley, but I’m sure going to miss the community of this paper. It was an honor and privilege to work for this paper. I wish the best of luck to future members and future student leadership.