Student Spotlight: Kaylin Espitia

“I feel like my life is immersed in film wherever I go,” reflects senior Kaylin Espitia, the current head editor of Wayne Valley Television’s The V. “It’s always on my mind, and I create little movies in my head of everyday things.” On Saturday, April 30, Espitia earned first place in the 18th Annual Passaic County Film Festival in the general short film category. The festival was held at Preakness Valley Golf Course in Wayne. Although she could not attend the festival as it coincided with her final Student Dance Association performance, Espitia was thrilled to learn that she had won.

Espitia’s award-winning film is titled “Box and Boxy,” and it follows two boxes who meet as children, grow up together, and ultimately fall in love. “The way it came out was not intentional at all,” she recounts. “When Mrs. Damer told me that I won first place, I actually could not believe it; I thought the film was too silly and too lousy to enter the festival, let alone win it.”

Although Espitia is unsure exactly when her interest in film sparked, she feels that it “grew with [her]” as she watched movies and YouTube throughout her life. Soon, she was making short videos of her own, which led her to one of her true passions—editing. This, she describes, is her favorite part of the film-making process.

Espitia largely credits her success to Mrs. Damer, who encouraged her to enter the festival. This was Espitia’s first time submitting to a film competition, and she anticipates many more to come.

In addition to her involvement in WVTV and SDA, Espitia has been a member of the football cheer team for all four years of high school. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career in production and editing. “I don’t care what I end up doing,” she concludes, “as long as I’m a part of the film industry in some way.”