Boys Golf 2022

Ryan Hayes, Staff Writer

The 2022 Wayne Valley Indians Boys’ Golf Team finished with a final record of 11-8, along with a record of 8-4 within their division. In addition the team placed 3rd in this year’s Big North Tournament. Besides that, they came up short on major tournaments after almost sweeping the county full of their trophies last season. The Indians were without their best player, Jedd Alcalde, after he graduated last year. However, this year, stepping up to the tee in a big moment was no problem for superstar Alexander Ferguson who ended his consistent season with an exceptional 81 in the 2022 Big North Tournament, followed by a 41.5 stroke season average while only being a Junior. After the Indians fell short of medals this year, Ferguson is both anxious and ambitious for next season, where he hopes to improve and lead this young Wayne Valley team to victory once again. 


Senior Captain, Joseph Swede, ended the season with a 54.5 stroke average through 13 different regular season matchups. Swede shot multiple personal records this year which, although the team came up short of trophies, was a big relief for Swede as he was stripped of his sophomore season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, limiting his improvement. Swede shot a career low 49 in a 190-192 win over Lakeland. Next year, he will be furthering his education and swimming career at Ramapo College.


Wayne Valley has high hopes for the future because improving is their only option. The Indians’ second leading scorer, Sophomore Ryan Hayes had a regular season average of 49 strokes. Followed by constant contributions from Sophomore Alex Casper and Freshman Aidan Alcalde, while both posting career record 49’s towards the conclusion end of the season. Up and coming stars in Owen Alles, Christopher Kim, and Erion Zaku saw the course a handful of times this season as well. 


But what is a team without a Coach. Rookie Coach TJ Kowal came into his first season of coaching golf with an attitude unlike any other. Football coach turned Golf coach, Kowal was a diamond in the rough for this young Valley team. Next year will be a key year for the team as they are looking to reclaim their titles.