Penn Relays 2022

For over one hundred years, the University of Pennsylvania has conducted the largest competition of relay racing in the nation, drawing in athletes of all levels. The competition began in 1895 when Harvard defeated UPenn’s team in the 4×400 relay. In the early 20th century, some of the best athletes of all time competed, no matter their race or gender. Now, the Penn relays are not only a staple of American track and field, but carry prestige on the international level. Over 15,000 athletes compete each year, ranging from junior high to collegiate and professional athletes. The competition lasts for three days and draws in fans and crowds of more than 100,000 people. 


We were fortunate enough to send some of Wayne Valley’s student-athletes to compete in the relays this school year. Representing Wayne Valley included both girls and boys 4×400 relay teams and a girls 4×100 relay team. 


Each team gave it their all, and the Valley boys 4×400 team impressively achieved 2nd place in their heat and 194th out of over 400 teams. They ended with a time of 3:33.22. 

In addition, our girls 4×100 team performed phenomenally, scoring 192nd out of almost 500 teams with a time of 52.14. The girls 4×400 team also excelled, with 242nd out of almost 450 teams. They finished with a time of 4:20.62. 


Sophomore varsity athlete Sara Paul reflects, “Going to Penn relays was definitely a memory that I’ll never forget. It was crazy to see how many teams came from all over the country. The talent that was there was amazing to be able to watch. I am honored that I was able to represent Wayne Valley… I hope that we’ll be back at Penn next year!” 


We anticipate cheering on our Valley teams at Penn Relays for many years to come as they climb ranks, beat personal records, and maybe one day even make history. Congratulations to all who competed this year—Wayne Valley is so proud!