Met Gala Outfit Recap


Although last year’s Met Gala happened a mere three months ago due to COVID-related delays, the 2022 Met Gala took place at the beginning of May according to tradition. The dress code of this years’ Gala was “Gilded Glamour,” which was inspired by the Gilded Age in New York during the late 1800s and early 1900s. As usual, many celebrities in attendance seemed to have misunderstood the theme, producing a large variation in outfits.

Nobody really knew what Sebastian Stan was going for when he showed up to his first Met Gala in a neon pink outfit. He was so off-theme that many people believed he intentionally ignored the theme in order to garner social media attention. However, Stan was overshadowed by other celebrities who looked stunning and followed the theme, so the most publicity he received on Twitter was users making fun of his shoes.

One of the media’s favorite outfits was that of Blake Lively. Lively has a long-standing reputation for arriving at the Met Gala in stunning embroidered dresses, and she did not disappoint this year. Her custom-made Versace dress was a mixture of bronze and copper-green, and when she first arrived on the red carpet, there was a large bow on her hip that led into a bronze train. However, as she walked, the bow unraveled to reveal a copper green train, referencing the oxidation of the Statue of Liberty in New York. Of course, nobody expected any less of the fashion icon.

Finally, the most talked about outfit of the night was Kim Kardashian’s dress. Kim’s look was essentially the opposite of her last year’s outfit of an all-black, full-body costume. This year, Kim wore the famous Marilyn Monroe dress from 1962—Marilyn wore when she sang “Happy Birthday” to President Kennedy, before their affair was revealed to the public. The dress is gold and covered in diamonds, and Kim dyed her hair platinum blonde to match it. Allegedly, Marilyn wished for no other person to wear the dress except for herself, and this desire sparked controversy over Kim’s choice. Once again, Kim Kardashian succeeded at being the center of attention at an event well-covered by the press.