Healthy Kids Running Series

As a track athlete, one of my biggest regrets is not starting my sport sooner. It’s not entirely my fault, though, because while there were teams for soccer, dance, basketball, football, and so many others, track never appeared on my radar as an option. That is why when I discovered the Healthy Kids Running Series, I was thrilled. The ability to instill in children the principles I was taught freshman year of high school filled me with a sense of purpose and excitement. 

The club is geared towards children from preschool through 8th grade. Races range from 50m to 1600m, with athletes being divided by age group. The kids get to learn to build friendships and how to compete against each other with friendly intentions. Volunteers get to engage with the younger generation and guide them through stretches, course routes, and so much more. 

I cannot recommend this club enough to anyone with children or siblings looking for a fun outlet. It is also a great way to add volunteer hours and build connections with each other!