Wayne Valley Quiz Bowl Wins 3rd Place


Mia Turrin, Layout Editor

On Friday, April 29th, the Wayne Valley Quiz Bowl team placed third in a competition hosted by Colonia High School. Five schools competed and contributed ten teams in total, with six students per team. The Colonia students hosted and ran the entire event, which included setting up, posing questions to the competitors, and organizing the competition’s logistics. 

The first round of the competition was titled “Bad Reenactment Theater”; after viewing a clip, competitors were asked to identify the movie, actor, and director. The second round emulated Jeopardy and included a plethora of categories like art, Asian history, math, linguistics, Supreme Court cases, state capitals, French history, New Jersey fun facts, literature, NBA, and Italian history. 

As the rounds progressed, the leading four teams qualified for semi-finals. The contest between Hills and Valley was especially tough, continuing into five bonus rounds, until Valley ultimately came out on top.

Ultimately, teams from Iselin’s John F. Kennedy High School came in both first and second place. One of Valley’s teams came in third place, while their competitors from Hills placed fourth. Members of the third-place Valley team included seniors Lavleen Madahar (the spokesperson for the team and honorary team captain), Parth Pandya, and Faiyaz Aziz, as well as junior Ally Bernstein.