The Spring Musical



This spring, Wayne Valley Theatre put on a production of the classic story, The Wizard of Oz. Not only was it a result of the hard work of the cast and crew, but it was also the first show in which many COVID-19 precautions were dropped: masks were optional, and the audience was at full capacity. These changes influenced the show’s mood with the live audience and actors could sing out and perform without any restrictions. In addition, a full orchestra accompanied the production from the pit composed of Wayne Valley band members. Overall, the production resembled those staged pre-pandemic which fostered lots of excitement boosting the morale of both the cast and the audience. 

The cast debuted their first preview of the show when they performed a featured musical number at the Chorus “Pops” Concert. After mounting anticipation, Wayne Valley Theatre opened the show on Friday, April 22. Between the four performances—spanning from Friday night to Sunday afternoon, April 24—the auditorium was packed with audience members eager to see what lay beyond the gates of Oz. They were not disappointed! The show was illuminated by colors, lights, and special effects. The custom yellow brick road stage extension connected the show to the audience, engaging each and every viewer. And, of course, the cast truly brought the story to life through their performances, evoking laughter, suspense, and excitement. 

The show also featured a special guest: Mila, Sam Dentinger’s dog, who made her theatrical debut as Toto. Her performance arguably stole the spotlight!

Ultimately, seniors Sam Dentinger (Dorothy), Grace Martino (Aunt Em), Liam Rogan (Scarecrow), Gianluca Russo (Lion), and Abigail Thomas (Tin Man) all poured their hearts into their final performances on the Wayne Valley stage. Although the theatre program will miss them, they are sure to be successful in all of their future endeavors.

After the success of the spring musical, Wayne Valley Theatre anticipates the debut of their 2022 fall play—and they hope to see you there!