Fashion Trends of Summer


Liyana Aslani, Staff Writer

Summertime might be just around the corner, but it’s not too late to learn what the fashion trends of this summer are going to be. Last summer we saw bright colors, 80’s and 90’s inspiration, corsets, and bold prints. However, fashion trends are ever changing. This year we definitely might see some past trends resurfacing, but be prepared for new styles. Spring fashion has already bloomed and left us with a lot of platform footwear, patterned sets, maxi-skirts, and baby tees. Green also seemed to be an extremely popular spring color and we can expect to see it carry into the summer. Keep reading to find out what fashion trends you can look forward to this summer, and which ones you might want to partake in. 


Pinks all Around 


This summer, the color pink is predicted to make a comeback. This color was widely used throughout many fashion shows this year, and has been styled on numerous celebrities lately. High profile events in the last year such as theValentino Fall 2022 show and the Grammy Awards featured numerous attendants decked out in pink. Bold colors are always expected in summer fashion, but pink seems to take center stage this season. You can expect to see pinks from pastel to neon, as well as an array of grassy greens making a comeback.


School Inspired Styles


Although school is the last thing on most people’s mind during the summer, many designers  have incorporated school inspired styles in summer looks. These preppy styles were featured on multiple runways recently– backed by designer brands like Miu Miu, Coach, and Lacoste. These looks showcase more athletic styles including tennis skirts, varsity sweaters, chunky loafers, and skorts. So be sure to hold on to your school styles throughout the summer. 


Glamor of the 80’s  


80’s glamor seems to be making a huge comeback in the past year as well and is set to be a large inspiration for summer styles in 2022. Y2K fashion was certainly very trendy in the past few months, yet many designers decided to reach back to this mother era for even more inspiration. Chanel and Saint Laurent have supported and showcased the revival of catsuits, sequins, animal prints, oversized and bold jewelry, as well as cut-outs and metallics. So be sure to get some inspo from 80’s fashion to keep up with summer trends!