Masks are off!

Wayne Valley has gone maskless! After two long years of Covid-19 restrictions and safety precautions, the student’s of Wayne Valley can finally say good-riddance to masks as a whole. This change came after a large drop in cases within our township, and was well-calculated by our Board-of-Education. Although masks were taken off months ago, the adjustment to seeing everyones face all of the time is surprisingly hard! as many people have not been seen without a mask since before lockdown. This decision to change the safety precautions in our school marks a turning point within this pandemic, and although our community and our society as a whole have a long way to go, removing this mandatory precaution means that progress is being made! 

After interviewing a couple of students, many of them are still uneasy about the entire pandemic, and believe that although masks are gone, precautions still need to be taken. Gabby Batelli had this to say about Wayne Valley going maskless: “No masks are great! But this does not mean that the pandemic is over.” Gabby holds a very valid perspective, and shares the same thoughts as many other students who fear catching the virus. Masks are gone! But, there is still an ongoing fight between humans and this infectious virus.