Wayne Valley’s First Makers’ Day

Aleksandra Graic, Specialty Editor

The Maker’s Day event occurred from Wednesday,  March 23rd to Monday, March 28th. Maker’s Day is a day meant to celebrate creation and creativity.  Hopefully, you were able to stop by the media center and test your mobility, strategy, and engineering skills.  March 27th is the official Maker’s day, which often focuses on STEM and art within schools. 

The Wayne Valley media center had a variety of crafts and technology available for students to try.  These activities consisted of different types of drawing, coloring,  building with different materials, origami, painting variations,  and sophisticated board games such as chess, Jewelry making, and more. 

One of the most popular tools was the 3D drawing pens, which allowed students to draw and build simultaneously.  One student described the pen as “cool” and enjoyed testing the different shapes that they were able to create. The pens were a hit that led to many wonderful sculptures, including a notable Eiffel Tower.

If you were unable to participate in these activities, stop by the media center and show your creative side in the arts and crafts room. 

Teachers assisted their students to the media center.  Here’s what they saw:

I really enjoyed bringing the classes to the Maker’s Day.  There were so many hands-on activities for the students to choose from.  It was nice to see the students playing and having fun together.  I don’t know if they realized it at the time, but the activities they did involve math and engineering, and when applied could help us better understand real world applications.”

  • Mrs. Giovine (Math Department)

“I saw some of the study hall students really having fun and being active during study hall and it seemed as though the math and science classes were really enjoying the day.”

  • Mrs. Nazarko (English Department)

Many students seemed to enjoy Maker’s day. Here are some of their thoughts:

“Maker’s day was a great break from a stressful school day. I got to sit with my friends and communicate over something we all found interesting.”

  • Raneem Kasabra

“I thought that Maker’s Day was amazing. I felt like I was able to let my creative side show. There were so many options to choose from that it was hard to decide which one to do.  It definitely helped me reduce my stress levels a lot.”

  • Grace Ralicki

“ It was fun to get a break from class for a little while. I think that we should keep doing more things like this because it helps to keep us interested and interacting with each other.”

  • Madeline Voinov

“I used the digital drawing tablets they had by the computers downstairs and I had fun drawing there… I liked it, it was nice.”

  • Hafsa Balki

“It was a fun break from school. It was like a needed downtime.”

  • Matthew Pritchard

“Maker’s day was a fun opportunity to do different activities and take a break from learning.”