Maddy Martin Senior Spotlight

Madeline “Maddy” Martin has an attitude geared towards success. Aside from maintaining a 4.13 GPA and being an active member of Wayne Valley’s Chapter of the National Honor Society, she plays three sports, and is off to Clemson University in the fall to pursue a major in nursing. 

Martin was captain of Wayne Valley Girls Tennis for three years, Girls Golf for two years, and Girls Fencing for one year. In her senior year alone, she was named First Team All-County in the fall for tennis and First Team All-League for fencing. In 2021, Martin led both the golf and tennis teams to win a Passaic County Championship. And in December, she was recognized as a News 12 New Jersey Scholar-Athlete. 

Since she will not be continuing her athletic career beyond high school, Martin states, “It’s definitely tough to leave behind teams that I love so much.” Yet she is so thankful for her teammates, who have been her biggest supporters across all three sports: “They are always there to lighten my mood and tell me to keep going, even when it gets hard.” 

Although she is not immune to senioritis, Martin focuses on her classes and on her upcoming senior season of golf; she works to “do the best for [her] teachers and finish out the year the best [she] can.”

Looking to achieve a career in the medical field, Martin is attending Clemson University’s nursing school. A major in the medical field takes a great deal of preparation because of its academically rigorous material. Martin focused on taking as many science classes at Wayne Valley, including Honors Anatomy & Physiology, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, Sports Medicine, and Biotechnology. Luckily, Martin was accepted directly to Clemson’s nursing program, and fell instantly in love with the school. “When I visited the campus, it really felt what I imagined college to be like,” Martin reflects, “The atmosphere really feels inviting and like home.” A huge fan of sports, she also looks forward to attending football and other sports games at Clemson. 

Based on her own experiences, Martin advises current juniors (who are soon to begin their college applications) to find schools that will best prepare them for the future, and to “not look for a school that…[they] think would impress other people.” Although it can be a difficult and draining process to find the perfect college, “everything happens for a reason. You will still find your place and be happy.”