Ways You Can Help the Environment this Spring

Ways You Can Help the Environment this Spring

Spring is finally here! With the weather getting warmer and the days getting longer, there is so much more we can do. Flowers start to blossom and bees begin to buzz.  We owe all of this to our beautiful planet earth.  Speaking of, Earth Day is fast approaching!


While spring is a pretty sight and all things seem in order, the earth is still suffering from pollution, climate change, global warming, and so much more. This season, take advantage of the nice weather to contribute to the environment.  Earth Day is on April 22nd, and there is so much you can do to celebrate.


The first and most notable thing you can do that is sure to make an impact is to decrease your plastic waste. Plastic is one of the biggest polluting agents in the world, and even just a few minor changes can help.  Reducing plastic waste is simple, just make an effort to buy reusable or compostable products. Having a reusable water bottle as opposed to buying bottled water reduces your plastic use by so much already.  Another great option would be using your own grocery bags made of either fabric or recycled plastic.  Plastic bags are a very big problem concerning landfills and oceans.  Bringing your own bags greatly reduces your footprint.  Any disposable plastics that you do use, recycle them.


If you have free time, contribute to your community’s footprint on the environment.  This can be done by volunteering at cleanups in the area. It might not seem like it, but removing waste from the streets of the community and recycling reusable materials is all that it takes to be breathing fresher air. 


On the subject of air, gardening is always a great attribute to the environment.  This can range from fruits and vegetables in a gradient to a flower in a pot.  If you have the space, plant a tree, we could use the oxygen.


One thing that you are sure to have fun with is upcycling! There are many different ways to upcycle; there’s no way to do it wrong.  As long as you are taking used materials to make something new, it’s working.  This could be reconstructing your old clothes or finding new purposes for plastic bottles.  Got a lot of old papers? Try making your own paper! Upcycling can also be done with woods, metals, food packaging and more.


This Earth Day try giving back to the earth so that we can have more beautiful springs!