Gardening and Spring Activities!

Think Spring!


With the spring season slowly creeping in, sunny days are not too far away. Here at Wayne Valley we are quickly making our way through the third marking period and nearing spring break–how exciting! As the weather gets warmer, a variety of activities are now possible. The beautiful weather is a breath of (much needed) fresh air from the bitter, winter cold, and opens a door to plenty of spring opportunities. Whether it’s simply enjoying nature, gardening, going for a walk, or spending some time at the park, the approaching season provides many fun opportunities to get outside and enjoy the outdoors!


Gardening fun


A popular activity that flourishes in the spring season is gardening. Anyone can take up this hobby and have a great time doing so. Spending time outdoors and building your own small garden or even contributing to a community garden is a great way to enjoy nature and improve your wellness. In fact, here at Wayne Valley we have our very own gardening club that is currently painting an outdoor mural. 


Gardening is a great way to reduce stress and improve your mood, being that it can be very relaxing. It can give you a chance to soak in some fresh air, sunshine, and even some exercise. Gardening can be a fun activity that allows you to bond with others and be in touch with nature. Further benefits include getting a chance to enjoy the outdoors, taking some time away from stress and technology, improving your emotional wellbeing, and even reducing the air pollution around you while decreasing chemical exposure. Not only does gardening have emotional and environmental benefits, but it can also improve your nutrition as fresh produce from your garden is a great addition to your diet. 


Spring is a perfect time to get your hands dirty and plant your own garden while the sun shines for longer and the springtime rain helps the plants flourish!


Spring Activities 


A new season also means tons of new activities. After a long, snowy, winter the warm spring days are greatly welcomed and allow us to enjoy being outdoors again. Spring sports will be starting soon as the winter season has come to an end. However, sports are not the only spring activities, there are plenty of options for everyone to enjoy! 


Some fun things you can do this spring include having a picnic at the park, visiting the cherry blossoms (which will begin to bloom in the months to come), go for a run or a hike, enjoy an afternoon bike ride, eat outdoors at your favorite restaurant or cafe, or pick some fresh fruits and flowers at a farm. Spring also means spring break is soon coming, a perfect time to take a local weekend getaway, a much needed vacation, or even just a relaxing week at home where any of these activities can be enjoyed! Don’t be afraid to plant a garden this year or try a new activity and enjoy the season!