New Fashion Class


Ms. Romano is a new teacher this year, but she is striving to make the fashion program even better than it already is. A new course, called Fashion Figures, will be implemented at the start of the next school year. This course will focus on the art and illustration side of Fashion Design and learning how to fully render, shade, and present original designs. For all the students who are looking to fulfill their graduation requirements, this course meets the art requirement, while fashion design would fulfill the career and college readiness requirement. Fashion Figures will be available to all grades and there are no prerequisites. The combination of fashion marketing, fashion design, and fashion figures helps build the knowledge in order to provide you the option of making your own fashion line, entering the industry, or helping to get into a more prestigious fashion program down the road. 

Ultimately, the intention of Fashion Figures is to separate the study of fashion design into two areas: construction and illustration. It also focuses on the creation of a portfolio that is organized not only using industry standards, but 2D/3D AP Art portfolio suggestions.  

While the fashion show this year is not affiliated with the fashion program, next year Ms. Romano hopes to put on an additional show that will highlight what is constructed by her students. Whether it be art boards, constructive designs, or marketing campaigns, she wants to give her students a chance to showcase their work. 

As colleges start to open in person, Ms. Romano has schools such as the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and LIM College on the schedule to present information about their programs to her fashion students. While fashion marketing is a dual enrollment with LIM, Fashion Figures and Fashion Design are already on the radar with admission counselors at FIT.