New Additions in the Auto Shop


New year, new lift. A brand new alignment machine has been installed in the auto shop. The machine features two independent lifts that suspend the car in the air, a pit that students can step into to view the underbelly of the car, and a computer wired with a camera to get exact measurements of the vehicle’s alignment. So far, the auto shop students have done five successful alignments using the new lift and they are eager to do more. The machine allows for auto shop students to analyze and fix the different axles of the car and ensure safety and drivability. But, the expanse of auto shop is not limited to that. 

Currently, the auto students are working on a 1999 Infiniti G20 in which they have transformed into a derby car. Every year, Sussex County holds a demolition derby; a challenge in which cars ram into each other with the purpose of doing as much damage as possible to see which car lasts the longest. The process of making a successful derby car includes completely taking apart and rebuilding the car, making modifications, and of course painting it. In 2019, the auto shop students placed third in the demolition derby.  This year they are well on their way in the process and are hoping to come out victorious. 

Outside of class, students are encouraged to come to auto club every Thursday. The club works on everything from snow plows to trucks. Students are encouraged to learn and explore the automotive industry outside of a classroom setting. They can also bring in their own vehicles during this time after school. The auto club is a great way for students to explore their passions without having to worry about a curriculum to follow.