Spring Break Snow Days

Many students agree that a snow day is often a relief. Snow days give people the day to enjoy the snow, to sled, or to just have a free day. The canceled school days also make sure that no drivers are going on the icy roads so the traffic doesn’t become dangerous. This ensures that there are no accidents on the way to school. Overall, the best qualities about snow days are getting to sleep in, going in the snow, and being able to have a day free from school and obligations. 

The down side about snow days is that we’re limited to only four days, and after those days time from our spring break can be taken away. Often when it is expected to snow and school is canceled prematurely, or there is barely any snow in general. This leads to a wasted snow day that can take away from other days that we should have off. Even though it’s nice to have those days off, is it worth losing days from spring break?

Since the pandemic struck, virtual days became an option for snow days, or for when snow days run out. This is unreasonable because not everyone will definitely have wifi on a snow day. If there are virtual days after the snow day limit then they should just be a-synchronous days, those are days where teachers just assign work and students can do it at any time during the day to account for their attendance. These would be better to do after the four allowed snow days because no days would be taken off of spring break as a result. We should only be allowed to use virtual days when the snow days run out, this way it’s easy to account for your attendance for a school day while being able to sleep in and still have a free day.

After the snow day limit runs out it shouldn’t take away from senior days or spring break because those are days meant to give us a break. It would be better to do a-synchronous virtual days and still have those days off.