Turn Up the Podcasts


“They’re 100% free,” explains daily podcast listener, Roman Manzo. When asked about his take on podcasts in general, Manzo explains how easy it is to listen in on either live or pre-recorded podcasts by saying, “It’s easy to just put an earbud in and listen to it. Almost like background music.”

According to podcastinsights.com, “99% of podcasts are not visible.” Podcasts are made by anyone that wants to get involved. They are made in seasons and episodes like a television series.

One of my favorites, “The Pat McAfee Show 2.0,” is running just over 2 years with over 500 episodes as of today, October 20, 2021. Starting on September 9, 2019, former special teams game changer for the Indianapolis Colts, Pat McAfee, started a podcast show after his retirement from the NFL. Along with Co-Host AJ Hawk, (also former NFL player), they talk about all sports and important news every weekday. Attracting an audience with huge guest stars like Rich Eisen, Adam Schefter, Chuck Pagano, Aaron Rodgers, and many other famous names, The Pat McAfee Show reels in 1.5 million subscribers on youtube as of October 2021.

When asked about his interests, Manzo says, “I would say either single person podcasts or motivational podcasts. I really like the Mindset Mentor with Rob Dial lately because it kinda gets my day started with a positive mindset and reminds me I have a goal to accomplish every day.”

Manzo says he listens to podcasts every morning. He enjoys listening in when he can otherwise. “Mainly in the morning. I like to listen to them on my way to school and during class.”

Manzo unravels, when asked to persuade someone to start listening to podcasts, “I know it’s not for everyone but for people that would also find it convenient, it’s perfect.”