How to Tackle Anxiety this School Year

How to Tackle Anxiety this School Year

Isabel Iuele, Journalism Staff Writer

After staying home and losing social interaction with people for over a year, a little over a month ago, all students finally returned to school. More than in previous years, social anxiety seems to be a challenge in many students’ lives. Social anxiety is a form of anxiety in which you may feel insecure, overwhelmed, or even feel everyone is judging you to the extent that it affects your everyday life. 

Going from no interaction for over a year, back to normally seeing people every day, it is understandable why many students are struggling with communicating and socializing. “I didn’t struggle with social anxiety prior to the pandemic, but having too much time on my own made me forget how to socialize like I used to,” says an anonymous source. 

 “I can tell my friends are definitely impacted by the pandemic knowing some of them already had pre-pandemic social anxiety….” “It’s hard when you are in a room full of people you don’t know well,” says Maddie Hohmann, a sophomore at Wayne Valley High school. “I try to make them feel comfortable and okay in every situation,” says Hohmann. 

As Hohmann said, make sure you encourage your friends or peers to feel comfortable and feel welcomed if you know or feel they are struggling. Doing an internet search about a social anxiety disorder is also very helpful to guide you to understand from a different perspective.

Finding a way to cope with social anxiety this school year is very important. You can do many things to manage social anxiety, but find a way that works best for you! Here are some ways that you can try to manage social anxiety if you are struggling. “I try to find a familiar face and stick with my friends to make me feel more comfortable,” says Alisha Raja, a sophomore at Wayne Valley High Sschool. 

Reaching out for help from a professional or even your school guidance counselor, or someone trusted is a very effective option if you feel you are undertaking social anxiety. Always remember you are not alone, and you will be able to overcome this!