Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season, but don’t know where to start? The key to holiday shopping for someone is to shop for something you know the person most likely wouldn’t buy themselves!


Here are a variety of gifts that you cannot go wrong with that will be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face this holiday season!


Gifts for Cooking Enthusiasts: 

A mug warmer: Shopping for a tea or coffee drinker? This heated plate keeps your drink warm and comes in different colors that power with nothing but a simple switch!

Price: $20

Link-mug warmer


Mini waffle maker: This waffle maker is a perfect size and great for traveling. It comes in many different shapes to make any shape waffle you want! The website linked down below now has holiday waffle makers which makes the perfect holiday gift. Who wouldn’t want a snowflake waffle maker?

Price range- $13-15

Link-mini waffle maker


New kitchen apron: This is the perfect gift for someone who you know wears the same apron all the time while cooking and refuses to buy themselves a new one. Etsy has small businesses on its site that can actually let you customize and personalize your apron! Plus, who doesn’t love supporting small businesses?

 Price- $15-30 



Wireless smart meat thermometer- Know someone who loves to grill and always hosts barbecues? This wireless thermometer is hassle-free and even has an app where you can monitor your food, even from the next room!

Price- $70

Link-wireless meat thermometer



Teen Gifts

Gift cards: Although this one is a classic, most people really appreciate them. Try to aim for a more personalized place, for example, you and your friend’s favorite store! Here are some popular places to consider purchasing a gift card!

Amazon Gift Cards Etsy Gift Cards


Plush gifts: No one is ever too old to own a stuffed animal! Check out this popular plush website below.

Price: $10-$50

Link: Squishmallow


Diffuser: This is the ideal gift for people who don’t like candles or aren’t allowed to have them. “I use my diffuser all the time, my room constantly smells nice and there are plenty of essential oils to choose from,” says Medina Satioski, a student at Wayne Valley.

Price- $15

Link: Diffuser


Clip-on Portable speaker: A portable speaker allows you to listen to music anywhere without the cable! The JBL portable clip is a clip-on speaker that you can bring anywhere. It’s a small size and doesn’t take up a lot of room which is also a perk. 


Link: JBL speaker



Self-Care/Wellness Gifts

Hydro Flask: Although this is a little pricey for a water bottle, in my opinion with owning one, it is 100% worth it. A hydro flask is a game-changer for water bottles with keeping your hot drinks warm all day, and keeping your cold drinks cool all day!

Price range: $20-$50

Link: Hydro Flask


Silk Pillowcase: “My silk pillowcase is a lifesaver,” says Maddie Hohmann, a student at Wayne Valley. Sleeping on silk rather than cotton is proven to have many benefits and is great for your skin.

Price: $20-30

Link: Silk Pillowcase


Mario Baduscu skincare products: This new holiday set includes essential products to hydrate your skin. It comes in a holiday-themed box and is great for anyone who is interested in self-care. There are also many other items to look at on their website, just click the link below to begin shopping!

Price: $27

Link: Mario Badescu hydrate collection


Candles-Bath and Bodyworks Candles: There’s a variety of scents to pick from and they are made with good quality and the perfect gift, especially with their holiday collection.

Price: $15- $25

Link: Candles


Whether you give or receive any of these gifts, you’ll be sure to have a holiday filled with love and smiles this year!