Where Did the Trees Go?


Maria Ivezaj, Journalism Staff Writer

“MY TREES ARE GONE!” cried Mrs. Nazarko, the day after the trees in Sophomore Square were taken down. 

According to many students and teachers, the trees brought life and personality to the classrooms in that area, but now they are gone. “It is a little sad because they were really quite beautiful, particularly in the spring, and it’s always a little sad when something beautiful in nature has to be taken down for whatever reason, “ says English teacher, Mrs. Condon. The trees that were in sophomore square were beautiful cherry blossom trees.

 Many teachers and students who had attended the school in prior years were upset that their beautiful trees were taken down. “Every spring I would read a poem about the blossoming of the trees. I’m really sad though,” explained Mrs. Nazarko. 

`“My dumb answer is that so students would stop looking outside the windows,” a student says not knowing why the trees were really taken down. After surveying multiple people, I realized the question as to why they were taken down?” had not been answered. 

I had emailed the principal Kenneth Palczewski answered all the questions to figure out the question we were all asking. He says,The trees [there] had become overgrown and it became a situation that we were unable to maintain the trees and courtyard area properly, therefore, they had to be removed.” Hearing this response clears up and explains why they were taken down. 

Since they are gone students and teachers now try and guess what will be done with the empty space. “I think it should be like an outdoor lunch space especially in the first month and last month of school because it gives us more space to sit at lunch,” says a student. 

Mrs. Nazarko says, “I hope they will do outdoor eating or a classroom, and or garden.” 

Mrs. Condon explains, “I would like to see them make space for students and staff.”  In the end, we are all sad to see the trees go, but are hopeful for a better use of the space.