Holiday Decorating Guide

As the holiday season approaches, the magic of sugar plums, candy canes, and gingerbread men grows, and so does the urge to revive the decorations locked away in storage and put a more festive twist on your home. To achieve the desired look of the holidays, follow this simple guide. 

Firstly, to encapsulate the magical ambience of the Christmas season, a tree is a must. This sparkling emblem of the holidays is the focal point of every celebrating home. Dazzling in its twinkly lights, it’s tall stature proves to be inviting and nostalgic during the merry season. 

To start decorating your tree, choose a theme. This might range from a specific color to a winter animal or even the complete rejection of a theme itself. Wrap the domestic pine tree in sparkling lights that correspond to your desired look. Create focal points to draw attention to certain areas. Then drape garland, shimmery chains of holiday foliage. Adorn your tree with ornaments. Layer with ones that either correlate with your theme, such as specific colors or Mickey Mouse heads. Add past memories like homemade ornaments made by children, or various miscellaneous ornaments gifted and accumulated over the years. Hang them from hooks and securely fasten them to the branches of your tree. Next, put a festive skirt around the base and finish off by crowning your tree with various toppers such as  a star, bow, or anything else to set the overall tone of your tree. 

As for the rest of the house, add more garland throughout your home. Lay it on your mantle, and then hang stockings above the fireplace. Create more focal points by hanging wreaths throughout your home and on your front door. Embellish your home with nutcrackers, reindeer, bells, statues, and more. Personalize with past Christmas photos and cards. 

Set up snow villages on your table tops and flat surfaces to encapsulate the Christmas spirit throughout your home. These miniature porcelain homes, with lit up yellow windows, will add to the cozy theme of your house. 

For the exterior of your home, put up lights and ornament your windows with colorful snowflakes. Decorate your porch with Santa clauses, snowmen, and reindeer. Finally, let the joyous undertone of the season and a fresh coat of snow bring your home to holiday perfection.