Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Carroll and the Rutabaga


Mr. Carroll has a reputation for being one of Wayne Valley’s most prestigious teachers. With that said, you would understand why his third period AP Government and Politics class was shocked to see him take a rutabaga out of his briefcase. 

The rutabaga, whose identity was previously unknown by most students, is a large root vegetable, similar to a turnip, that has a sweet and buttery taste. Similar to the mashed potato but possessing an additional flair, rutabagas have long been a staple in Mr. Carroll’s Thanksgiving dinner. 

“The hardest part of cooking a rutabaga is peeling it,” Carroll explained to the class, “so you should use the sharpest knife you have. I use a cleaver.” Adding a little bit of butter, salt, and cracked black pepper, he advises, will take your mashed rutabaga to the next level.

An avid proponent of the root vegetable, Mr. Carroll keeps a mug on his desk that reads, GIVE ME RUTABAGA OR GIVE ME DEATH. When asked by a student, “Would you consider the rutabaga to be your best friend?” he responded with a resounding, “Yes.”