SDA Theme Reveal and Preview!

Isabella DeRosa, Staff Writer

The Wayne Valley Student Dance Association kicked off the very start of their season with their theme announcement on October 27th. Retro Arcade will be the theme, as announced by SDA President Rachel Herschbein in an Instagram video. The season will be centered around an 80’s arcade, featuring classic games and characters; the choice is unique in itself as it has never been done by either SDA’s from Valley or Hills. Since the announcement, logos have been made and planning has begun to make this year’s season the best one yet. Captains on both the Blue and White teams have been chosen and are excited to create their dances; they had a meeting where they picked the game that will be the theme of their dance and are now in the process of putting together music and coming up with choreography. This is just the beginning as much more planning, choreographing, and of course dancing, is yet to be done. 

The SDA board members are confident that this year will be a great improvement compared to the restrictions that they faced last year. With online school and COVID-19 limitations, many of last year’s freshmen did not receive the full SDA experience. However, things appear to be coming back in full swing and the Student Dance Association is eager to provide the full experience to our sophomores and new freshmen as well as the upperclassmen! Though release dates for color announcements (for the freshman) have not been announced yet, an orientation to introduce this program to the underclassmen is in discussion.

 Since it is still very early in the season, there is not much left to be said. However, SDA President Rachel Herschbein shared her excitement and expectations for the season. She comments, “I think this theme is truly unlike anything we’ve had before, and I can’t wait to see what the captains come up with in terms of their dances and music. We truly have the dream team this year, between my incredible board and vice president, Pari, and both team captains. I excitedly await the season!”