Easy Secret Santa Ideas

Easy Secret Santa Ideas

Liyana Aslani, Staff Writer

‘Tis the Season! 

With Thanksgiving now behind us, we can begin to fully welcome the festive winter season that lies ahead. Holiday music, holiday baking, and all of the fun festivities the season brings are surely something to look forward to. However, most of all, you can’t forget that it’s the season of gift giving! A popular festivity celebrated this time of year is secret santa. This fun tradition is a way for a group of people to celebrate with a random gift exchange among one another. Once randomly assigned someone to give a gift to, the fun begins and presents are shared with the goal to guess who your gift was from!


Stumped with Gift Ideas…

Having trouble deciding what to get for your secret santa exchange? Look no further! If you don’t have a wishlist of ideas from the person you are shopping for, there are plenty of easy secret santa gifts anyone can enjoy.

For those who might not have the time to find the perfect gift, a giftcard is the safe and easy route. It may not be the most exciting gift, but who doesn’t love a gift card! With this gift idea there are many options. You might want to get someone a giftcard to a store they love to shop at or their favorite coffee place, both great ideas. Another present many would love is a set of lotions, candles, body sprays or hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works. During the holiday season there are plenty of wrapped gift sets to choose from, making for a great smelling present everyone is sure to love. Also available here are scented candles, a perfect idea for someone who enjoys the cheery, seasonal, scents.

If you happen to be shopping for someone who is more into technology, phone accessories are the way to go. A fun phone case is an easy option everyone can appreciate. If not a phone case, another accessory like a portable charger makes for a very useful present, especially for those who constantly have a dying phone. There are also plenty of other technology accessories like phone lenses for cool pictures or a new set of headphones that are easy gifts for secret santa. 

A few more easy gifts anyone can enjoy for a gift exchange are jewelry, chocolates, a fun mug, fuzzy blankets or socks, stuffed animals, chapsticks, nail polish, and candy. If you want to take it a step further you can even make a fun basket or gift bag with a few of these. Adding a personal touch can be simple like choosing their favorite candy, and it can make for a gift they will love! 

Now that you have a few ideas, you’ll be sure to have an amazing secret santa gift this season! These gifts are all easy but fun options that will definitely be appreciated and enjoyed. Secret santa is one way to spread some holiday spirit, and with any of these gifts you will be sure to put a smile on someone’s face! Happy gifting!