Women’s Winter Fashion

This upcoming winter, expect to see a lot of marshmallow-looking jackets in the fashion world. As the weather is starting to get colder, puffer coats have been all the rage. Puffer coats are a great way to incorporate warmth and style, as they can be used in a multitude of ways. Celebrities and everyday people can be seen wearing this garment. Another winter trend that can be seen on influencers right now is boots and booties. These shoes have been a staple piece in most women’s closets forever and have never really gone out of style, however this year we are seeing them being styled in all sorts of new ways they have never been styled previously. Mainly, these boots are being seen paired with either skirts or dresses, and some might even add an oversized jacket to bring it all together. In the winter, many, such as myself, find it hard to fight the urge to just throw on a hoodie and sweatpants when it gets unbearably cold. To fight this urge and to keep your legs warm, buying nude fleece-lined tights and putting black sheer tights over them is a great way to incorporate style and comfort, once again, without freezing to death. Mom jeans were “in” this fall, and are also still “in” this winter season, they are just being paired with different attire. Mom jeans can be best worn with a form-fitting shirt layered with a vest, or jacket to keep warm. Mom jeans are pretty versatile when it comes to footwear as they can be paired with virtually any kind of shoes. Turtle necks, oversized hoodies, sweatpants are all great options for this winter too, that you can get creative with and dress up or down depending if you are going for cute or comfort.