Seasonal Flavors for Winter

Picture this, it’s a cold snowy day and you come inside to cozy up on the couch. Maybe there’s a fireplace and you gather by it, sitting there wrapped in a blanket and feeling warm. What could possibly make this better? I know! Some hot chocolate with marshmallows on top to add the perfect touch.

Some will argue that this is available all year and is not very festive or seasonal, but most of the time, it’s a staple in the winter. What a great way to get warm and have a treat all at once.  There’s something about the smooth chocolate flavor that makes you really feel like it’s that time of year. 

If you really want to make it festive, add some more flavors! There are various flavors that can be added to enhance the experience of hot chocolate or coffee.  

Perhaps the most popular winter flavor would be peppermint. This is a winter specialty that is often added to pretty much any treat. It can be put in cookies, drinks, and practically any pastry.  Peppermint is definitely a seasonal flavor, and one that many look forward to.  

Another classic would be gingerbread. All sorts of treats can be made from gingerbread, the most popular being cookies. This is also a very festive tradition that can be seen in multiple forms. A popular activity would be building gingerbread houses, which is often done around the holidays.

And of course, caramel! While this may be an all year treat, during the winter it is definitely more popular. Many popular winter treats are caramel flavored, often with a touch of sea salt.  Ranging from drinks to baked goods, caramel can be put at the center of anything and people will enjoy it. 

These winter specials are a great way to get into the holiday spirit. They can be experimented with and enjoyed in various ways. Make sure to take advantage of them this winter!