USAgain America Recycles Day Challenge


Wayne Valley’s Garden and Environmental Club need your help! Under their guidance, our school will participate in the USAgain America Recycles Day Challenge. This national contest challenges schools to collect clothes and shoes through the month of November.

Valley has the opportunity to win a cash prize. USAgain plants a tree every time the bin is filled, which is the reason they refer to the bin on our campus as a TreeMachine. Students, staff, parents and the community are all encouraged to participate. Together we can support a circular economy where products are reused to conserve limited resources. Every action helps!

Not only can we do our part to help plant trees but our school can win the top prize.

Contest dates: November 1-30
Location: The collection bin is located on the pathway out to the football field
Acceptable items: gently used clothes, shoes, linens, hats, handbags, belts, towels, socks, lingerie.
Not acceptable: toys, books, furniture, baby furniture, strollers, car seats, glassware or liquids.

The WV Garden and Environmental Club want to thank the Wayne community and Wayne Valley for their support!