Juniors Can Go Out To Lunch!


In the beginning of September, Wayne High School parents got an email saying that juniors were allowed to go out of school during the lunch period for this upcoming school year. This was received with both positive and negative opinions. Many thought it was unsafe since most of the juniors don’t have a car, like most seniors have, they would have to walk across a busy Valley Road. Many thought it was a good idea because they don’t want their child in the building eating lunch with all those other students.

Those are the parents’ opinions though, I personally think that it is a good idea because it gives us freedom to leave the school if we so desire; however, it could also be argued that it is irresponsible to let students leave without having ID’s yet. Many of the Sophomores and Freshmen have taken advantage of this and have gone out without permission. While I know the entrance back into the school is through the courtyard, when leaving the school it is pretty simple to sneak out through another door. I know they are trying their best to regulate who leaves and enters the school during lunch; they can’t guard every door, but I feel like they should enforce the rule better. 

Juniors going out to lunch is both a good and bad thing in many people’s eyes. Most juniors however believe that it is a good thing because we are allowed forty minutes of freedom we normally wouldn’t have had. I have polled 50 juniors to see their response to this ongoing topic. Not that surprisingly, 48 students said that it was a good idea to have Juniors go out to lunch. They feel like they are old enough to take responsibility to buy lunch at Dunkin or The Bagel Stop. It also gives them more financial responsibility that maybe some of them have never had before. I also polled 50 underclassmen and teachers to see their responses. They believe that it is also a good idea to let juniors go out because it would mean there are less kids in the building. For the Sophomores, they like this new rule because it will apply to them next year. The Freshmen unfortunately have to wait two more years for this opportunity, but they still think it is a good idea. Let me know what you think about this ongoing topic: Do you think Juniors going out to lunch is good or bad? Go to wvsmokesignals.com to submit a response to our poll!