Autumn: The Nostalgic Undertone of the Season of Pumpkin Spice and Changing Colors


Matthew Bielen, Staff Writer

Ah—the season of apple picking, Halloween, and sweater weather. People all around the country wait patiently every year for the return of the autumn weather, and the festivities that come along with it. But what exactly makes this season so desirable, so unique, so nostalgic? 

33% of Americans claim autumn to be their favorite season, and for a very understandable reason. The football season is in full swing, the weather is almost perfect; it’s not too hot, nor too cold, the holiday season is right around the corner, and overall, the vibe is a very comfortable one. These reasons can all link back to the looming question: what makes autumn so nostalgic? 

We can look all the way back in history, to the first settlers and colonists of North America to answer this question. Autumn has almost always been a time where we had started to settle down from the hard summer work, and begin to prepare for the long winter ahead. It was a time where the world seemed to be at a standstill, and the effects of that can still be felt today. When thinking of comfort, most jump to the feelings of cozying up on the couch, reading a blanket, and watching the leaves change, and as we know, that comfort can often invoke nostalgia.

As we progress through history, and the idea of holidays becomes more and more prominent, we can see the rising popularity of holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and most importantly Christmas. During the autumn season, Christmas is right around the corner, and everyone is slowly getting into the holiday mood. Many people love the Christmas spirit, and what better time to get prepared for it than autumn?

Now that we’ve looked at the history of the autumn season, we can come to a conclusion on the reasons that autumn seems to be so nostalgic: it’s a time of limbo, of relaxation. The world is slowly winding down, and so are the people in it. Unlike the usual hustle and bustle of the rest of the year, autumn seems the perfect time to just lay back and calm down; the perfect environment to make memories.