Senior Goodbye – Kelsey Lauckner


Kelsey Lauckner , Sports & Clubs Editor

From the moment I picked up a pencil, I fell in love with writing. It has always been a creative and imaginative outlet for me to take any idea I have, and turn it into something great. Joining Smoke Signals in high school is a choice that I am so thankful I made.  Mrs. Nazarko’s Journalism class, my sophomore year, inspired me to join, and now, it is time to say goodbye to a club that I was able to share my passion for writing with. This club not only allowed me to improve my writing skills and increase my knowledge, but it allowed me to meet new people and break out of my comfort zone. I gained so much confidence in myself and my writing, and learned more about communication and interview skills than I ever have before. 

I started off as a writer my sophomore and junior year, and applied to be a Sports and Clubs Editor this year. Getting to take on a larger role in the club is a huge honor and accomplishment for me, and I am so happy I decided to be a bigger part of it. This has to be one of the most supportive, encouraging, and friendly clubs I have ever been a part of. Everybody in the club knows each other, and no one is afraid to share an idea. No matter our differences, we all share the same love for writing and it brings us all together. I love hearing about all of the new things happening around school, the community, and the world from others in the club. 

I will be attending Stockton University in the fall as a communication studies major, as I hope to keep writing and applying my skills to a future career. I am going to miss Wayne Valley and all of the memories and friends I made along the way. If there is one piece of advice I could share, it is to never take these days for granted. It still shocks me to see how fast my time in high school went, and I am so grateful I took a shot at this club and climbed my way up to being an editor. I wish the best for all of the future members of this club, and can’t wait to see how far it goes!