Seniors’ Most Valued High School Memories

As the end of another school year approaches, the dreaded goodbye to the seniors is here yet again. While only getting two and a half years of a normal high school experience, the Class of 2021 has truly made the best of the circumstances that they were given. Although they missed out on a lot, their positivity shined through and still allowed them to create amazing new memories and appreciate the past ones. Even though this past year and a half have been different, to say the least, some seniors were still able to find that their favorite memories occurred during these unprecedented times. Listed below are a handful of members of the Class of 2021, and their most valued high school memories. 

Nicole Giardino– “My favorite high school memory was definitely getting the Most Dedicated Dancer Award for SDA, and overall participating in SDA. SDA was an amazing, fun, and challenging experience that I’m so happy to be able to be part of. I am so happy and proud to be recognized as the most dedicated dancer for the White Team this year, and I will remember SDA and this award forever.” 

Joanna Liput– “My favorite high school memory is winning field hockey counties. We hadn’t won in 17 years, and it was great to finally break the streak. I made some of my lifelong friends through field hockey and it was definitely the best part of my high school experience.”

Alexandra Dipre– “SDA is my favorite high school memory because it allowed me to become friends with people that I wouldn’t have without it. I also love it because I don’t do a sport so it takes its place for me. All the girls are really nice and it feels like you and your dance are a family!”

Gianna Lepri– “My favorite high school memory was definitely joining SDA and making new friends from it.”

Maura Hegarty– “My favorite high school memory is playing in the tennis matches for the team. I loved supporting all of my teammates and getting to play tennis with them. We were all friends with each other which made every match a lot of fun!”

Skylar Tanski– “My favorite memory is Mardi Gras parties in French class; we ate crepes and didn’t have homework. It was a good time!”

Alyssa Varghese– “My favorite memory is winning SDA freshman year.”

Miabella Casanova– “My favorite high school memory is performing with the cheer team at the pep rally last year because it was right after I transferred to Wayne Valley. It was the first time that I really got to see Valley and what public school was like.”

Even though the Class of 2021 didn’t get a normal senior year, they made the best out of it, and were still able to make some amazing memories that will last a lifetime. They will definitely be able to look back on these memories and have some great stories to share along with it. As the school year is soon coming to an end, we wish the Class of 2021 the best of luck for their futures ahead of them!