Spotlight: Izzy Mailman

This year, sophomore Isabelle “Izzy” Mailman won the 2021 Senior Division Hanover Wind Symphony (HWS) Scholarship. This is the second time Mailman has won an award from the HWS program, after winning the Junior Division Championship in eighth grade. She is a member of Wayne Valley’s Marching Band, Symphonic Band, and Jazz Band. Next year, Mailman will be the Woodwind Captain of the Marching Band. 

Mailman plays both the alto and tenor saxophone, and auditioned with both instruments; she was one of eight musicians in the entire state to qualify for state finals on two separate instruments. In fact, she earned a perfect score on her tenor sax performance. 

HWS Treasurer Len Stern comments, “Isabelle’s playing was wonderful to start with, but her tone on the tenor saxophone was unbelievable.” She is a very diligent player who possesses a great enthusiasm for music. Mr. Batiz, Wayne Valley’s band director, remarks that “[Izzy] has done just about everything she can to be not just a better musician, but to make herself the best possible leader and the best possible peer within the ensemble.” 

Mailman plans to use the money won from the scholarship to pay for private saxophone lessons. In the meantime, she anticipates state finals, which will be held later in the year.