Junior Formal: Better Late Than Never!

“BUY YOUR FORMAL TICKETS” was exclaimed by teachers, students, and parents recently, as the May 20th date for Wayne Valley’s Junior Formal draws near. Student Council President Vivian Testa, Vice President Taylor Smith, Secretary Amanda Barbier, and Treasurer Kendall Ferguson worked with advisors, Mrs. Ahlert and Ms. Potts, to get the ball rolling for Junior Formal–a highly attended annual event.

VP Taylor Smith stated, “The biggest challenge was getting people to actually buy their tickets, because dancing wasn’t going to be allowed originally.” COVID-19 restrictions are still in place, but Governor Murphy has loosened the reins a bit, and dancing is now allowed for the eager junior class. Interest in the event has risen now, according to Smith, with the help of the extended guidelines, frequent reminders from advisors, and encouragement from peers. 

The theme this year is masquerade, a play on the fact that everyone is required to wear face masks at the event, in compliance with safety guidelines. The night will run as normal, with dinner, dancing, and a shirt at the end of the night to commemorate the event. Those attending will surely have a great time at this hallmark event of Wayne Valley’s high school experience.

President Vivian Testa is very excited for Junior Formal. She said, “Through these hard times, we are trying to make the best of everything! We will never get these special times back to hangout with our friends and have a good time together. Formal is one of these moments people will look back on and I’m so excited to be able to make more memories during our final weeks as juniors. It will be an amazing opportunity to see everyone again and I’m so excited for everyone to get to enjoy themselves at this event!”