Relay For Life

Despite all of the changes faced this year, Relay For Life has remained consistent in continuing to raise money to fight back against cancer. The money raised by the organization is donated to the American Cancer Society, a nonprofit charity that supports both cancer research and cancer patients (by providing emotional support to those affected). Over the past year, Relay for Life had to adapt to the “new normal” and adjust to virtual events and fundraisers. Nevertheless, members stayed determined to raise as much money as possible. In fact, Wayne Relay For Life emerged as the winner of the Northern New Jersey Relay Madness Event, battling against nine other groups and ultimately earning the largest sum of donations.

This year’s Relay for Life commenced with a virtual kickoff event. In addition, there have been many food fundraisers; most recently, a Panera fundraising event. Although this year has brought on many challenges, the Relay For Life team refused to let these challenges prevent them from reaching their goals. Ultimately, Relay For Life is an amazing organization led by passionate individuals that is helping pave the way towards a cancer-free world.