Juniors Betz and Bolson Make Vaccine Appointments Happen

Juniors Sydney Betz and Emily Bolson started a service to help seniors get COVID-19 vaccine appointments. The juniors are helping the unvaccinated by connecting them with local health authorities and St. Joseph’s Wayne Hospital.

First Betz and Bolson advertised at 30 churches, synagogues and civic groups in Passaic County. Then they collected the names and information from senior citizens. They used that information to make appointments.

The process helps senior citizens because many do not have certain computer skills needed to secure an appointment. Both teens said they saw their grandparents struggle to find a vaccine appointments for weeks. This inspired them to help others!

If you have a loved one over 65 looking for an appointment, email [email protected] to schedule a vaccine appointment. Include their name, address, date of birth and phone number.