Spring Fashion 2021


Skylar Tanski, Specialty Editor

This Spring, all the most wonderful looks that were buried under the chaos of the COVID-19 Pandemic last Spring have resurfaced in full force. Along with the return of all Spring classics, including florals, pastels, and chiffon, the runways seem to have retained some of the more comfortable trends that developed during quarantine. Amidst the medley of juxtaposed styles, some of the greatest (and most accessible) are listed below, along with instructions on the best ways to wear them.

  • Micro miniskirts- To hell with propriety! This season, it’s the shorter the better. I think we’ve all been eagerly anticipating the warm weather, and what better way to survive the other side of temperature extremes than by wearing minimal clothing. In addition to the thermal benefits, this style allows you to show off your beautiful legs! Not to mention the subtle nod to the early 2000’s. Micro minis really are the greatest in a multitude of ways.  
  • Prints- Who doesn’t love a good print look? Especially one made up of several conflicting patterns. The best way to wear prints: one small and one big. The contrast in size makes the patterns just different enough to prevent them from clashing. Not to mention, it’s an easy way to give your look relaxed-boho vibes. 
  • Skin-tight clothes- Well, I suppose after drowning in wide-legged fabric all winter, the pendulum was bound to swing in the other direction. This spring, clothes should fit like a second skin. Light and clingy is perfect for both casual daywear and edgy nightwear alike. Not to mention the versatility of long sleeves and light fabric, which is ideal for all Spring weather. 
  • Bubblegum pink- Not that pink wasn’t always a Spring favorite, but this Spring, bubblegum pink is the perfect shade for any occasion. Whether you need something for a colorful accent, or you’re trying out last season’s monochrome trend, bubblegum pink is an easy way to give your look a bright, Spring feel. 
  • Long necklaces- Length is key with this trend. The pendant should hang to at least the stomach. The placement of the chain emphasizes the collarbone and slope of the shoulders in a subtle and elegant manner. Additionally, a heavy pendant works exceedingly well with a billowy shirt or dress. Long necklaces are the perfect accessories to dress up your Spring style for any occasion!
  • Slippers- After a long period of time at home, it’s no wonder that the fashion world isn’t quite ready to give up it’s most comfortable trend. I feel that most people have grown used to wearing slippers full time, and thankfully they can continue to do so in a stylish manner for the duration of Spring 2021.