Pros of Senior Events

As the state, country, and world as a whole begin deciding how to reopen businesses and return to normal after a long period of isolation, there are many safety concerns and public health factors involved in these processes. While we slowly begin to approach the end of the 2021 school year, one thought arises in many minds: what events will be held at the end of the year? How will we celebrate and commemorate the students graduating? When asked the question “should there be end of the year activities” I wholeheartedly believe we should. 

Grocery stores, sport facilities, and even auditoriums are beginning to open following safety procedures. School has been in session, and so far, we have been very successful at keeping the virus out of the building. The advent of the vaccine creation and distribution has led to even safer conditions for the at-risk population. If these crowded and busy places can open and not create a huge spike in the cases, there is no reason why our hard working and well deserving seniors should not have their events at the end of the year. After dedicating four years to the school and various communities inside, they have earned the opportunity to celebrate the end of this chapter of their lives with their peers.

There are many different ways we can come together as a community to ensure the absolute safest and most comfortable environment for our senior class. Not going to large gatherings, staying home and getting tested when feeling symptoms, washing your hands, and wearing a mask in public are proven to be influential in the fight against covid. Seniors hoping to attend any form of end-of-the-year celebrations should expect extensive health questionnaires, masks, a limited number of attendees, and frequent temperature checks. All of the aforementioned factors would greatly increase the safety of all students and chaperones involved.

I polled the senior class student body to see how they felt on the matter. One thing was very clear throughout the responses-no one wanted to lose out on the events and activities done in the past. The majority of students agreed that with social distancing, masking, and a maximum capacity they should be allowed to attend gatherings. When given the option of “no restrictions” at all, a surprising amount of voters showed their support of that choice. Students were also asked which events should take place, and Graduation came in a solid first place, with Prom, Yearbook signing, and the Senior Trip the closest runners up. 

While this is how a portion of the student body feels, the decision is ultimately left up to the administrators, Board of Education, and higher up government officials. Hopefully they too see the desire for the activities and the protocols that could be put in place to create a positive environment.