Cons of Senior Events

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions on almost every aspect of our lives in the past year, people of all ages have missed out on milestones, and lately, it feels like life in general. Some of these events include sports seasons (firsts and lasts), junior formal, prom, graduations, and summer vacations. While giving up these events (although for good reason) has been far from enjoyable, we must determine if end-of-year senior celebrations would jeopardize the health of those in attendance. 

Health concerns are especially involved with junior formal and prom. Prom signifies the end of an era for the graduating senior class—a rite of passage. The current status of public health at this time begs the question: Is canceling prom a safer option? As of right now, the limit for indoor gatherings is ten people; although outdoor gatherings are permitted to have more, these regulations will not support the entirety of the senior class. If the prom was to be held inside, students would have to take off masks to eat, and everyone will be in very close proximity to each other. If the prom is held outside, there will be the benefit of much more space, though a date has to be set far in advance, and the weather can be extremely unpredictable—especially in the summer months. 

The main concern, though, is the possibility of just one prom attendee having the virus and infecting an extremely large number of other students and faculty at the event. Though temperature checks and COVID-19 forms do help to minimize risk for students attending school and extracurriculars, it is possible for someone to have the virus while remaining asymptomatic. If this occurs, the student could risk the lives of anyone he/she comes into contact with, as well as the lives of grandparents, parents, siblings, and any other high-risk family members of students and staff. A positive case at prom or formal would also be devastating to so many who plan to go on vacation, work a summer job or internship, or begin summer preseason training. Though the choice between senior events and the safety of others is one with no great solution, we must ask ourselves: Is the risk truly worth the reward?